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LeeCARES “Dry Run” exercise at Down Home Ranch and Monthly Meeting, May 20, 2023

Lee County ARES met early in the day at Down Home Ranch to deploy the trailer and test the locations for amateur and GRMS radio signals along the 3 K run. LeeCARES will support the Dash N’ Splash Superstar Run at Down Home Ranch on June 3, 2023. Besides testing signal through the course, today we trained to setup and down the trailer and made further logistical improvements to make deployment more expedite.

We also held our monthly meeting. We heard about an amplifier that has great prospectives to improve amateur radio communications and we learned about the Long Island CW Club that one of the members has recently joined. We received the report about the EOC project, which has slowed down due to the recent daily storms, and we made a list of future projects to be funded, like solar backup power for one the repeaters and for the trailer, AREDN, and APRS. We discussed future tower projects for our members and members of our community who have requested assistance. We have initiated conversation about providing the Lee Co Emergency Coordinator, and other officials, with a scanner to hear our nets.

We informed the members unfamiliar about the services offered by the GETS/WPS cards, and encouraged them to apply through our POC. We have decided to start a presence on social media, therefore deciding which platforms to use. A committee was formed to explore this new endeavor for us and to gather information and material in advance of publication  to be uploaded on a regular basis.

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